Intelligent & insightful analytics

MediCommerce has the unique capability to create custom analytical reports that go above and beyond what your billing software can currently generate. Our customers have access to view (or) print these reports quickly for last minute board meetings (or) regular centre analysis of production and cash flow management.


Deep billing expertise

MediCommerce team is filled with thought leaders in the industry. They are extremely well versed in the most pressing coding, billing, accounts receivable and compliance issues. We are a valuable asset to our customers.


World class processes & technology

Our processes and technology are cutting edge and are constantly evolving to set new standards in the RCM industry. Thus, our clients benefit from our solutions that include best-in-class practices that have been developed, tested and refined through our experience.


Strong compliance focus

Compliance is of utmost importance to us. Our team utilize National Correct Coding Initiatives and adhere to the ethical standards of coding. We remain entirely HIPAA compliant by utilizing state-of-the-art software and provide our team with continuous education about on-going compliance trends.

Our Approach

MediCommerce in collaboration with customers will be taking a strategic view at addressing seemingly endless pressures of healthcare changes by transforming overall patient access and revenue cycle operations as opposed to tackling each pressure individually.

Our staffing crew is experienced and knowledgeable in the healthcare industry. We combine our staff expertise with innovative technologies to create workflows and processes to bring best results and achieve customers’ goals.

Our expert coders and billers have work experience across multiple specialties / states / carriers that lets us to be versatile. This deep and broad experience provides our clients with a team of RCM experts who ensure that our clients are properly documenting their medical records in a compliant fashion that minimize the percentage of denials and maximize their revenue for a steady cash flow. It also provides our clients with experts who can research and solve the most difficult and complex RCM scenarios, and help guide you through challenging payer relationships.

Outcome of our services enables our physician to provide comprehensive care to their patients and scale up their business performance to venture into additional related services in thier specialty